Benefits of Facebook for Business

Daryl Summers
Daryl Summers
Benefits of Facebook for Business

In today’s blog we will be discussing the benefits of having a Facebook page for your business. We will be focusing on the different features of a business page and how you can optimise and use it to your advantage to build up your business.


Useful features that are included with a Facebook Business Page:

Direct messaging

An easy tool to connect with your customers and will give you a faster way to communicate on your platform, whilst answering your customers questions.

Creating events

A beneficial and simple way to showcase your business events. Your customers/clients will be able to interact and communicate easier through a Facebook Event and gives you useful data that will help you organise your event to benefit your customers to the highest level.


Whether it is organic or paid advertisement, Facebook has the perfect tools for you to advertise your business. Facebook gives you the option to boost your post to a higher audience at a temporary scale or you can use paid advertisements which will give you a long-term advertisement with detailed analytics to improve your ad to achieve the most engagement.


Interacting with the community

A useful feature that helps you connect to your Facebook page is sharing into Local groups and community pages. This will allow you to connect more with your clients and will equally drive more traffic to your page and website.


So, why is it beneficial to own a Facebook Business Page?

Increase your exposure to potential customers

By having a Facebook Business page, you can increase your exposure to not just your current customers but also your potential customers. It gives you an extra platform to showcase your work other than just a website.


It doesn’t cost you anything to make a Facebook Business page. With a Business Page you can then ‘boost’ your post and even use paid advertisements to increase your audience. This also gives you the option to segment and target your audience. These options are very affordable, whilst working within your own desired budget.

Reach or create a target audience

By targeting the audience that you like, either by organic or paid advertisement, will get you the genuine likes from the customers that will become loyal. Your loyal customers will then leave positive interactions and will engage well with you posts regularly.

Build up your brand loyalty with your customers

If you are consistently providing your audience with valuable, engaging and entertaining content, your followers will stay loyal and you will be able to build up a good relationship between business and customer.

Facebook Insights

One of the brilliant features of a business page is Facebook Insights. It is easy to understand, especially for non-technical users. It will provide you with great and useful information, perfect for business owners.

What is included with the insights?
  • How many page likes
  • The reach of the posts and page
  • Engagement of the page
  • Post performance
  • And more…

You also have the option to download your insights into a detailed report.

Increase your web traffic

By adding your website link to your posts, it will drive/increase more traffic to your website, which will increase your sales and customer footfall.

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