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What Is On Page Optimisation?

This is where it all starts!
We begin by carrying out a full website audit.

This will tell us which parts of your website need to be improved and hopefully which parts are just fine as they are!

Once we have a handle on your website’s current SEO situation, we will look at improving all of the negative aspects.

Some of these problem areas may include HTML tags, keyword density or missing pages.


Let's Begin With A Full Website Audit

A full website audit is the process will allow us to see which parts of your website are harming or hindering your search engine performance.

We can scan your entire website and pin-point the trouble areas which then can be fixed.

Think of an audit as creating a map, once we know what work needs to be carried out, we can then use this as a guideline to work from.

Local Search Engine Optimisation Prices

* Ongoing Link Building – As we firmly believe in Google compliant, organic search engine optimisation techniques, we cannot guarantee an increase in backlinks. The only way to guarantee an increase in backlinks is to purchase them, not only is this against Google’s guidelines it could result in your website being completely deindexed in the search engine results pages. That being said, your website will be submitted to local directories and map results pages, which will result in an increase in organic backlinks.

* Blog Posts – All blog posts will be a minimum of 300 words.

* WordPress Optimisation – If your website is running on the WordPress CMS, we will optimise it through the use of plugins such as the Yoast SEO plugin and optimise speed and loading times through image cache systems.

* These packages are aimed towards those looking to increase their local search engine presence for their area. For keywords which are on a national or international level, please contact us for customised pricing.